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Blacksmith Elmer Roush makes hand forged functional hand tools, weapons and implements from 10th Century Viking to 18th Century American styles. Each piece is individually forged from steel or wrought iron bar stock, and some are pattern welded. During the hot forging, Elmer precisely defines the shape and proportion of the item. Then, to varying degrees, the pieces are refined with cold work at the bench using filing, chasing, sanding to give extra embellishment.

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The pieces in the ‘For Sale’ category have a button with a link to PayPal.  “Please be assured that the items that I am showing in the pictures here are the actual ones that are shipped out. I pretty much forge pieces one at a time or in very small runs so I can show you the actual pieces.”

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Elmer Roush BlacksmithEric There are items listed for sale on the website at elmerroush.com, more to be posted after the show when the pieces have been photographed2   ·  3 months ago

Eric WicklundHow/where does one purchase your stuff?3   ·  3 months ago

Rooster BilyeuGod those are beautiful!1   ·  3 months ago

Glenn ViveirosWas good to meet you today, beautiful work you have done.1   ·  3 months ago

Bray Oaks ForgeElmer, good to see you took my advice to set axes up off table to display. Looks good. Will1   ·  3 months ago

Derek WilliamsWas nice to meet you today. Great stuff, I would love to come visit the forge from Asheville.3 months ago

Amy PeveyI love Midevil stuff :)3 months ago

Evans PangLove your stuff, Elmer.3 months ago

Martin RedwoodDo you make your own handles?3 months ago

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James GrayThose hawks look nice!3 months ago

Leandro Leitelas vendes3 months ago

Leandro Leitemuy lindas achas yo quiro una3 months ago

Anomalous HatchThose axes look nice!3 months ago

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Elmer Roush BlacksmithI'll be taking my work to the Blade Show in Atlanta. Other than that I'll be offering it on my website www.elmerroush.com.4 months ago

Rick JasoWhere can one purchase one of your hammers.4 months ago

Thyago Mendesone day i will be like that guy4 months ago

Brad MarcumThanks for sharing Elmer. You're an inspiration to us younger guys.4 months ago

Bray Oaks ForgeThanks for sharing.4 months ago

Mark SnagelNice!4 months ago

Jack StottlemirePretty cool Elmer!4 months ago

Anthony EsquivelDavid Stous4 months ago

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Austin McGlaunYep. I can only imagine that my hand ax I picked up from you last blade will be getting a brother.1   ·  4 months ago

Alan BunnInteresting that you mentioned the Borre style pattern. Here is an article you will like. It is hard for me to tell the six different styles apart when I see them, but I knew it was wrong when I recently saw the famous Jelling cup illustrated as an example of the Borre style. You just can't believe everything you read on the Internet, even when folks are trying to be helpful. It always pays to do your own research, and check the sources. www.hurstwic.org/history/articles/manufacturing/text/norse_art.htm3 months ago

Jim ArchambaultEnjoyed your demo at the AACB conference made a Axe blade when i got back. Thank you for the good instruction.4 months ago

Leandro Leitehaces hacas a pedido??4 months ago

Elaine Johns ReedPlease post a picture of this when you are done.4 months ago

Jack StottlemireSee you there Elmer!4 months ago

Adam RobertsonVery nice!4 months ago

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