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I make hand forged functional hand tools, weapons and implements from 10th Century Viking to 18th Century American styles. Each piece is individually forged from steel or wrought iron bar stock, and some are pattern welded. During the hot forging I define the shape and proportion of the item. Then, to varying degrees, the pieces are refined with cold work at the bench using filing, chasing, sanding to give extra embellishment.

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Click here to see the gallery of work on my older website: previous gallery       This WordPress site has not completely replaced the older pages yet, bear with me!

The pieces in the ‘For Sale’ category have a button with a link to PayPal.  Please be assured that the items that I am showing in the pictures here are the actual ones that are shipped out. I pretty much forge pieces one at a time or in very small runs so I can show you the actual pieces.

Many quick updates are shown on my Facebook page here:

I get so busy in the shop that I forgot to post anything about what I'm doing. Here I'm finishing up the chasing in a variation of the Viking Jelling style. I'll be bringing this axe to Blade. ... See MoreSee Less

Sun May 24th, 2015

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Sean FowlerThat's a real beauty!39 minutes ago
Rick SchlamannGod you do some great work ! You sir, are a artist! To own a new age tool such as that would be a joy.;-)52 minutes ago

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Prep for the Blade Show in Atlanta continues - along with sneak preview pics from Elmer 's wife ... See MoreSee Less

Tue May 12th, 2015

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Mike MoultonI plan to be there.2 weeks ago
Tom AffleckLove them!2 weeks ago

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Welding in the bit of an axe, one by one ... See MoreSee Less

Fri May 8th, 2015

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ps r u going to madison ga ????????? ... See MoreSee Less

Mon Apr 27th, 2015

when is the class I will be on the road to SC from the great white north ... See MoreSee Less

Mon Apr 27th, 2015

Hello elmer roush nice work u most likely dont remember but before u went to Ireland we met u were makin square nails I was takin a class w/ bill fiernine (spelling) on Damascus makin and I traded u for some 1090 and u gave me a dragons scupture AND now we are both gray haired ... See MoreSee Less

Mon Apr 27th, 2015