18th century British style boarding axe reproduction

From the bench, boarding axe

This 19th century style boarding axe was a bit larger than a trade spike axe and forge welding the languets on, then keeping them matched and even while the two halves of the axe are being forge welded together is almost a three handed job.

   Definitely more of a challange than the spike axe even if they are similar.  18th century British style boarding axe reproduction

There is some speculation that the spike axe was derived from the boarding axe. I understand that these axes were used for general work aboard ship (have you seen the film Master & Commander?) but were also used as weapons when boarding an enemy ship hence the name.  I believe that they would make a formidable addition to an arsenal. This one is patterned after the British navy boarding axe.    Here I’m fitting the handle before heat treating and the final finish.


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  1. I have such an axe made in Sheffield that is broad arrow stamped and dated 1957. I recognized a very similar axe on Master and Commander.

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