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Hewing Axes

Ornamented Axes

Bearded Axe

Trade Axes & Tomahawks


Hewing Axes

Carpenter’s Hewing Axe


Style of 17th - 18th century. This axe is formed by forging and folding steel or wrought iron bar, leaving a small poll, and forge welding in a high carbon steel bit. The finished axe has a 4in. bit and is about 51/2 in. long.


Broad Hewing Axe

  This axe was made to a client’s specification. It has a 12in bit and is off-set to hew the right side of a log.






Ornamented Axes

Dragon Axe

Viking Pattern Axe shape with Elmer’s original Dragon ornament carved and chased into the axehead.

Chased Viking Axe

A Viking pattern axe chased with a design from a 10th Century Viking Isle of Man stone carving.



Bearded Axe




Tomahawks & Trade Axes


File Ornamented Trade Pattern Axe

Shape based on NW trade axes of late 1700/early 1800 period







Hudson Bay Pattern Axe


17th Century Pattern Axe

Taken from an axe recovered near Jamestown      





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