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Ornamented 16th Century Pattern Wing Dividers

The design of these wing dividers is taken from a set held by Colonial Williamsburg, they are ornate enough to be used by an architect or or master craftsman and unlikely to have been used out in the field or workshop.

The wing nut was forged and filed by hand along with the rest of the piece.  The slide that the wing nut tightens onto is fastened to the male leg of the set with a rivetted over tenon. The legs were hot-punched with a slot punch by hand to take the slide. To create the cheeks of the box joint, Elmer has forge-welded the sections to the base leg and filed them to fit the rectangular section of the other leg. Click on each image for a larger version.

                                                                 Length 14” width closed 6”  

Ornamented 18th Century Style Dividers

Overall length 6”

Dividers with file embellishment and a little wit in the pattern of the top hinge which is shaped to look as if the dividers should be pulled apart forwards and back not slide apart sideways..

18th Century Dividers

Overall length 8”

Dagger Dividers

From a 17th Century Spanish example

Ornamented Dividers

From an 18th Century French set of dividers


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