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Blacksmiths’ Forging Hammers

The style of my forging hammers is from central Europe, I worked with the Czech smith Vaclav Jaros in 1984 where I first used a hammer of this style and found it to be very easy to use and felt good in my hand. The hammer I made for myself became my prototype and it is in use every day.

The hammers in this pattern have a broad cross peen for effective stretching and rounded edges on the square face to minimize hammer marks. I started decorating my tools after I had been carving many wizard and dragon candleholders that I used to sell through galleries. The dwarvish face is an added fun detail and what better than a hammer that sees where it is going! I start carving with the hammer head glowing hot and then add the final details cold.

I make other hammers periodically including specialty hammers for jewellers, a few examples are shown further down the page.

Ordering Info:

Usually I make hammers in small batches, being hand-forged and hand-made there are minor variations. These hammers are not cast or drop forged, these are truly one of a kind,  I will never make another quite like yours! My handles are always hickory and shaped to a rectangular cross-section with chamfered corners which I have found to be beneficial for aiding hammer accuracy compared to the standard oval shape. They are left a little over-size for you to shape to fit your hand.

Please call or email and let me know what hammer size you are looking for and if I have it on hand I will gladly email a picture of the exact hammer. If it’s not on hand, I can add you to my list for the next group of hammers that get finished.








$ 160.00



$ 200.00

Intermediate hammer weights are available, call to check what is in stock: 828-835-7313


Jewelers’ Forging Hammers

These hammers come with polished faces for forging non-ferrous metals. Made to order


In the News

I made a hammer for Lorelei Sims quite a few years ago when she apprenticed with me - I am proud to see it is still in use and pictured on the front cover of her book.

Lorelei Sims book, E Roush hammer         E Roush Lorelei Sims hammer

Buy the book on Lorelei's website -www.blacksmithchic.com  - click here



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