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Elmer Roush's blacksmithing hammer is pictured in use on the front cover of Lorelei Sims' book ‘The Backyard Blacksmith’.


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Elmer Roush has been studying blacksmiths’ forging skills from 10th Century Viking to 18th Century Colonnial America. He has built up a unique repertoire of skills enabling him to recreate historically accurate hand-forged artifacts shown on this site: dividers, calipers, early locks, kitchen utensils and broilers, and a whole host of "new old tools" that can be used today - adzes, hammers, billhooks and froes to name a few.

Each of Elmer Roush's tools is stamped with the "E.Roush" stamp.

We Offer:
Historical Hand-Forged Artifacts
Early Locks
18th Century Calipers


Phone: (828) 835-7313 Email: elmer@elmerroush.com

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